Level 2 Automation

Date:Apr 16, 2013

Level 2 Automation

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are usually considered to be the second level of control above the programmable controller (PLC) or Distributed Control System (DCS). A hybrid system may do direct control as well as a MES system if direct I/O is connected to the system. However, general purpose computer systems typically do not lend themselves to this architecture. Where guaranteed timely response to real world signals is essential, a multi-tier solution is typically required.

MES systems typically perform the following functions:

Supervisory·  Oversee the execution of the plan· Track conformance to plan ·control   Provide a common distribution point for· Run complex quality models · correlation of events and distribution of information to multiple MES · Capture and record event and batch related information ·systems   Use· Run complex setup models ·Create production and quality reports  · Statistical Process Control ·process data to tune process models   Provide current·Audit production results (such as FDA requirements)  process data to down stream processing units (batch sizes, chemical ·compositions, batch completion times, finish batch temperatures)  Provide analysis platform for the practice engineer to analyze process  Execute a production plan developed by an ERP (Enterprise·data   Laboratory Information· Process Scheduling ·Resource Planning) system  Management Systems (LIMS)

  • Engineering Services Our expertise helps us to provide pure engineering services to our customers. These include Plant and Engineering, Architecting and Designing system configurations, Auxiliary control software development, Level 1 HMI development, simple to complex technological controls software development, development of Level 2 (Production Scheduling, Set point management, Scheduling, Tracking, Reporting) software, Lab Information Management System software development and low end production Planning System Software Development.
  • Commissioning Services Our expertise allows us to offer pure commissioning services to OEMs, end-users and engineering companies ranging from expert services for commissioning of technological control systems to simple commissioning services for DCS, PLCs, Instrumentation, etc.