Turnkey Solution Services

Turnkey Solution Services

The choice of the right application turnkey package is complex as it has to be aligned with organization’s vision, objectives, long term maintenance cost, scalability as well as cost of up gradation.

SIEGER Project Services uniquely deploys “SCALE@”, its proprietary methodology to assess and recommend the right package that will fit its requirements. It also designs the road map for migration to new application platform to derive maximum benefits.

The “SCALE @Methodology provides for :

1. Setting Strategic Direction
2. Classify Possible Products
3. Ascertain right fit
4. Lead implementation
5. Empower the user to increase productivity

  • Project Conceptualization: We can provide project consultancy services wherein we can associate with you during the project conceptualization stage and help in finalizing the requirements, arriving at optimal designs for the electrics and automation and help you with budgetary prices. During the execution of the project, we can support by checking and approving engineering documents.
  • Engineering Services: Our expertise helps us to provide pure engineering services to our customers. These include Plant and Engineering, Architecting and Designing system configurations, Auxiliary control software development, Level 1 HMI development, simple to complex technological controls software development, development of Level 2 (Production Scheduling, Set point management, Scheduling, Tracking, Reporting) software, Lab Information Management System software development and low end production Planning System Software Development.
  • Commissioning Services: Our expertise allows us to offer pure commissioning services to OEMs, end-users and engineering companies ranging from expert services for commissioning of technological control systems to simple commissioning services for DCS, PLCs, Instrumentation, etc.